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8A.008 Co-design: developing a decisional support resource for older Australian drivers
  1. Nadine Veerhuis,
  2. Victoria Traynor,
  3. Melanie Randle
  1. University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia


Context A multiplicity of issues impact older driver decision-making when self-regulating driving behaviour. Ensuring decisions are timely, so that safe driving is maintained, requires engagement with a diverse range of health practitioners. Regardless, decisions are also underpinned by demographics, psycho-social and environmental factors. The complexity of issues impacting driving decisions lends to an equivalent co-design approach to the development of a decisional support resource.

Process Systematic reviews and empirical data collection informed discussions for six workshop collaborations engaging end-users, stakeholders and diverse professional groups. Iterative synthesis of outputs to inform core concepts for the content and format of the resource were produced at each workshop, using participatory action research methodology.

Analysis Workshop collaborations were conducted with two separate groups each on three occasions over eight months. Older drivers (N=8) comprised the core senior community group. A diverse range of health professionals and academics (N=10) from seven distinct domains and two transport safety specialists comprised the core advisory panel.

Outcomes A decisional support resource unique to the Australian context was developed with, and for, older drivers in collaboration with health professionals, academics and transport safety specialists.

Learning Outcomes Co-design approaches rarely involve engagement of multiple and diverse groups in the development of health interventions or resources. Challenges with heterogeneity of tenets, time and resources required are tempered by a realistic, functional, evidenced-based resource which meets the needs of older drivers and their social support networks.

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