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8A.006 Road safety peer education in belgrade – an example of good local practice
  1. Marija Markovic,
  2. Nevenka Kovacevic,
  3. Svetlana Mladenovic Jankovic,
  4. Gordana Tamburkovski,
  5. Andjelka Brkovic,
  6. Dusanka Matijevic
  1. Institute of Public Health of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Background Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death and disability at the age of 15–19. Accordingly, the Institute of Public Health of Belgrade introduced peer education on road safety in Belgrade’s high schools. Since November 2016, 13 educations with 665 participants have been held. The aim of our research was to evaluate the impact of peer education on road safety knowledge of high school students.

Methods A field survey was conducted in the period January-December 2018. The 218 peer education participants completed pre and post-test of knowledge. SPSS -20 was used for statistical analysis. Hi-square test was used to compare the pre and post-tests results.

Results The advancement in knowledge was noticeable in our aspects of road traffic behavior, especially the knowledge of the correct emergency services numbers. After the education, the percentage of incorrect answers to this question was almost twice lower - only 7, 4%, (p <0.001, χ2 = 77,654). Also, the percentage of those not knowing the proper treatment of injured decreased significantly (p <0.001, χ2 = 33.683).

Conclusion Study results have shown the improvement of knowledge among high school students and confirmed the fact that peer education is an effective way of transferring and acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of road safety since the message is transferred through the age-adjusted language, which makes it more accessible to the target population.

Learning Outcomes Our study indicates the need to increase the coverage of older adolescents with this type of education.

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