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7E.005 Finding substance use disorder treatment facility openings: national expansion of Kentucky’s locator
  1. Terry Bunn,
  2. Tyler Jennings,
  3. Catherine Hines,
  4. Danita Coulter,
  5. Jodie Weber,
  6. Amber Kizewski
  1. University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA


Context (FHNKY) is a drug overdose prevention website intervention developed and implemented in 2018 to timely link individuals to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment facilities with available openings in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. FHNKY is a near real time treatment locator where facilities update their openings on a regular basis. In February 2020, there were 607 facilities who participated on FHNKY and have updated their availability over 11,000 times; over 142,000 searches were performed. The website is used by health professionals, safety professionals, friends and family, as well as individuals themselves in search of SUD treatment.

Process The FHNKY website was rebranded as a national FindHelpNow (FHN) platform that includes standardized national search criteria, and specifically branded marketing materials.

Analysis A FHN peer-to-peer learning network was established for other states to utilize the national FHN platform and/or FHNKY strategies and approaches.

Outcomes Fourteen interested states attended an in-person meeting with multiple presentations on website development, and functionality in November 2019. In February 2020, five states and jurisdictions adopted the FHN platform and recruitment strategies, and memorandums of understanding have been established.

Learning Outcomes This initial development and implementation phase of a national standardized FHN platform will enhance the ability of any individual anywhere in the U.S., who seeks SUD treatment at their critical stage of readiness, to find a SUD treatment facility that accepts their form of payment (or fee-free), and provides necessary services such as the provision of medication for opioid use disorders and concurrent mental health treatment.

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