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7E.001 If we don’t ask, we don’t know and we can’t help
  1. Mariana Galrao,
  2. Richelle Douglas,
  3. Alison Creagh,
  4. Sarah Smith
  1. Sexual Health Quarters, Northbridge, Australia


Context In Australia, one woman is murdered by a partner every 9 days and 26,000 children are homeless every year due to domestic violence. Consumer-centred, cost-effective violence prevention programs are urgently needed.

Research indicates those exposed to violence want to be asked about it. However, clinicians find it too awkward and too time-consuming. As a result, questions are not asked and the exposure to violence continues. Our aim is to design and implement an innovative screening program for partner violence that is acceptable to both consumers and health staff, transferable to other settings and sustainable into the future.

Process 1) developed screening and risk assessment tools, validated by consumers and health staff; 2) developed referral pathways; 3) trained staff; 4) modified clinic layout to be consumer-centred; 5) implemented program at Sexual Health Quarters; 6) collected staff and consumer feedback before and after implementation.

Analysis quantitative analysis of 1) prevalence of violence; 2) characteristics of survivors; 3) support required; 4) staff and consumer feedback.

Outcomes In the first 6 months of the program we screened 1500 women, identified exposure to violence in 18% and provided counselling to 40% of those exposed. All consumers and staff surveyed supported this program, with 90% of staff admitting that it was easier than expected.

Learning Outcomes Our program highlights the feasibility and acceptability of an intervention for the secondary prevention of partner violence. A wider roll out of this program would directly contribute to the achievement of 6 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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