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6F.002 Investigation or learning review?
  1. Vallorie Hodges1,
  2. Fiona McCarthy1,
  3. Sidney Dekker2,3,
  4. Ivan Pupulidy4
  1. 1University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
  2. 2Safety Science Innovation Lab Griffith University, Nathan, Australia
  3. 3Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
  4. 4Advanced Safety Engineering and Management – University of Alabama at Birmingham, Santa Fe, USA


As safety practitioners we often struggle with how to interpret and apply safety research into our environments, how to truly engage our workers, and how to positively influence our safety culture.

This session shows how shifting focus from safety culture to developing a learning culture may provide a better pathway.

We show how realigning our investigation processes to Learning Reviews is moving us away from assumptions of human error and blame and is developing a new language and shared understanding toward a safety differently approach.

Since people create safety, we show how we engage the front line to identify what works and what doesn’t, using focus groups and influence mapping as a guide to the creation of cultural interventions.

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