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6D.003 ‘’Ideas’’, using national data as a driving force for local action and engagement
  1. Eva Vaagland
  1. Norwegian Safety Forum, Oslo, Norway


Context Norwegian Safety Forum is a non-profit organization, a national advocate for safety supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Health, working on three levels; projects and activities on local level, lobbying and policy work on national level, partner and contributor on International level.

National data on injuries are incomplete and difficult to access in Norway. As an advocate for safety we needed a tool to present injury data and prevention measures in an engaging way. We came up with ‘IDEAS’, the Injury Data Easily Accessible Solution.

Process A grant from InnoMed gave us an opportunity to cooperate with experts on information and service design. With their expertise in communication and our knowledge of available data, and best practice we developed a digital solution.

The solution is based on national data, converted to a local setting, using informative graphic combined with information on injury prevention programs. The goal is to promote local action plans.

Outcomes In February 2019 we launched the prototype. It has been tested by several communities and organizations. The feedback from the test groups was important and we could adjust and improve the solution. The feedback proved that our hypothesis was correct, and we have established a solid base for futher work and a future national solution.

Learning Easy accesesseble data introduced in a logical, comprehensible way, with a local approach, along with information on how to prevent accidents is a way to create more focus and interest for the scope of injuries and the possibilities to prevent them.

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