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6D.001 Effective use of ambulance transport data for injury prevention in Japan
  1. Yoko Shiraishi
  1. Japan Institution For Safe Communities, Osaka City, Japan


Background In Japan, the safe Community (SC) Program, the injury prevention strategies based on the seven indicators have been adapted to communities. Considering that SC programs should be scientifically developed based on evidence, Japanese communities must overcome the disadvantage of absence of the national injury surveillance system. To solve this situation, this study aims to develop the injury surveillance function by making the use of ambulance transport data.

Methods Injury cases were extracted from the ambulance transport dataset (ATD) in Kameoka City in 2010 to 2019, then longitudinally analyzed to see what cause injuries and how to be prevented.

Results The main purpose of ATD is to verify and improve efficient transportation of patients to the medical institutions. Therefore, the information which is useful to prevent injuries is partially found only in the description about the patients on arrival.

Conclusion ATD data doesn’t contain all the information to prevent injuries and it requires several steps to make it possible to identify factors which cause injuries and the develop injury prevention programs. However, we found that it is still most useful data with which we can get information which cannot get in other existing data collection systems in Japan.

Learning Outcomes Considering that ATD contains the more information which can be used to develop effective intervention of injury prevention than any other datasets in Japan, it is very important to develop the system in which the information related to injury occurrence can be systematically extracted and analyzed to develop effective intervention.

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