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6A.004 Sharing tools to ensure a safe and healthy journey to school
  1. Margaret Peden1,
  2. Prasanthi Puvanachandra1,
  3. Agnieszka Krasnolucka2
  1. 1The George Institute UK, Oxford, UK
  2. 2The FIA Foundation, London, UK


Context Each day millions of children worldwide face the risk of road traffic injury and dangerously toxic air on their journey to access education. But we have the solutions, the tools to combat road traffic injury and ensure our children can breathe clean air. The solutions are readily available and affordable, bringing results that are measurable.

Process The Child Health Initiative – a group of 20 organizations – is hosted by the FIA Foundation. Its mission is to ensure a safe and healthy journey to and from school for every child by 2030. The Initiative combines research, advocacy and evidence-based interventions in order to promote this child rights agenda.

Analysis The George Institute, together with the FIA Foundation, conducted an assessment of available safe routes to school projects being conducted around the world and the tools being used.

Outcomes An online toolkit was constructed, see It covers: (a) Data collection (b) Implementation and Design (c) Coalition building and (d) Achieving impact. Tools, resources, case studies and evidence were collated in a user-friendly, dynamic platform in order to provide guidance to those wishing to undertake similar research or programmes in countries around the world.

Learning Outcomes NGOs, international agencies, public authorities and their partners around the world will be able to find step by step guidance within the toolkit to help implement the solutions. This resource supports organisations aiming to create a safe environment for children, to protect them from air pollution and prevent child road traffic injury.

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