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1D.001 Was the Decade of Action for Road Safety a success?
  1. Margaret Peden1,2,
  2. Prasanthi Puvanachandra1,2,
  3. Nino Paichadze3,
  4. Iman Bari3,
  5. Melecki Khayesi4,
  6. Jesus Monclus Gonzalez5,
  7. Adnan A Hyder3
  1. 1The George Institute UK, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
  2. 2University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  3. 3Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University, Washington, USA
  4. 4Dept of Social Determinants of Health, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
  5. 5MAPFRE Foundation, Madrid, Spain


Background The goal of the Decade of Action was to reduce by 50% the predicted increase in road traffic deaths over 10 years (2011–2020). A global plan of action with related indicators was developed and disseminated widely.

Methods An assessment was undertaken to ascertain whether the Decade was successful. Mixed methods were used: analysis of the global status reports and an online survey; interviews with key informants and the analysis of the UN Secretary General reports and published literature. Quantitative data were analysed using R while qualitative data were analysed using NVIVO v12.

Results 160 countries completed data for all three global status reports. Analysis showed little reduction in total global deaths, but there were some policy improvements in individual countries. of the 217 participants from 68 countries who completed the survey 36% felt that the Decade had been neither a success nor a failure globally. This ambivalence was borne out by the 17 key informants who gave it a score of 5/10: with country-level informants being more pessimistic. The global plan was, however, found to be a useful tool as it encouraged a new way of thinking and drew attention to all 5 pillars. The SG reports and articles added little to the analysis.

Conclusions Despite the ambivalence on success, most participants felt that the Decade should be extended to 2030 and beyond as it provided a useful framework for action.

Learning Outcomes This analysis provides rich information for future global action.

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