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6A.003 School zone modification for safety from environment to management and promotion
  1. Cui MinYan(Monica),
  2. Xia Jun(Joy) Xu,
  3. Chun Yan
  1. Safe Kids China, Shanghai, China


Background Traffic crashes is the No. 2 death cause among children in China. Child pedestrians are the major victims. Most of children walk to schools. Therefore school zone safety improvement is the key for child pedestrian safety. Since 2012, Safe Kids China started the community-based programs on school zone modification for safety from a pilot project of one school to more schools in two cities.

Objective Modify the school zone for safety with environment and management improvement; and promote the pilot project to more schools.

Method 1) Questionnaire survey among students and parents on pedestrian issues and observation on school zone; 2) Modification of the school zone on the environment, school and community safety management; 3) Promoting the project and engaging more communities to join in.

Results The pilot project is well used as lobbying materials to the local decision makers for school zone modification for safety. Five communities (three in Shanghai and two in Guangzhou) worked with us on the projects for five schools with 1) environment improvement such as setting speed bumps and crosswalks; 2) school safety managment improvment; 3) community safety managment improvement. More communities are working with us on school zone safety. The whole projects benefited 5 schools in two cities.

Conclusion The pilot project needs to be well packaged for engaging more communities working on school zone safety. Environment medication needs working together with safety management improvement of the school and the community as well.

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