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5G.003 Engineering design and the role of the safety practitioner
  1. Angela Petts
  1. Engineering. Systems. Management., Adelaide, Australia


The role of the modern safety practitioner is diverse. There are many elements and areas of specialisation within a safety management system.

Safety in Design is hazard management throughout the engineering design lifecycle. It is a function of engineering; it is also a safety management system element.

Safety-related activities embedded in engineering typically relate to the top of the Hierarchy of Controls and therefore present the most effective opportunity for injury prevention.

The safety practitioner will, at some point, need to operate in this space. This will likely be through audit and compliance activities as well as participation in hazard and engineering studies for new design and design modifications, handover, verification and validation.

As a conversation starter, the presenter will provide a concise answer to these questions, based on experience and observation:

How does engineering design feature in the role of safety practitioner?

What can the engineering team expect of the safety practitioner?

What should the safety practitioner expect of the engineering team?

Is the safety practitioner equipped with the right knowledge to confidently operate in this area?

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