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5F.001 Protecting on-road collectors and on-road entertainers from injury
  1. Principal Kenn Beer
  1. Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd, Brunswick, Australia


On-road intersection activities such as windscreen washing, entertaining, collecting, selling and advertising are inherently hazardous because of the presence of a vulnerable road user in an environment where, if struck by a vehicle, the forces are likely to exceed that tolerated by the human body.

From research and case study analysis of windscreen washers in Canberra, Australia the following recommendations were provided to reduce injury risk, listed under the headings of Safe System pillars:

Safer Roads

  • 1. Raised intersections or raised safety platforms.

  • 2. Confining these activities to designated ‘Squeegee Zones’.

  • 3. Audible warning of imminent signal phase changes.

  • 4. Passive warning signs.

  • 5. Raised intersections or raised safety platforms.

Safer Roads Safer Speeds Same as #1 above.Safer People

  • 6. Educate and enforce existing restrictions on illegal movements/activities.

  • 7. Install CCTV cameras to monitor windscreen washers’ compliance with rules.

  • 8. Run training or information sessions with known windscreen washers or others using intersections as a method of revenue generation.

  • 9. Determine appropriate minimum age involvement and act to minimise the risk to young community members.

  • 10. Continue with campaigns and behavioural change initiatives targeting driving while fatigued.

  • 11. Investigate whether drug and alcohol support are required.

  • 12. Continue with drug/alcohol and driving behavioural change programs and enforcement.

  • 13. Promote the public’s ability to call OOO when inappropriate behaviour occurs.

  • 14. Ensure that intersections are well lit.

  • 15. Provide windscreen washers with reflective vests.

Safer Vehicles

  • 16. Ensure compatibility between permitted activities and deployed Autonomous Vehicle systems.

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