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5D.004 An unhelmeted motorcyclist not holding handlebars – a photograph idea for education
  1. Deborah Hilton
  1. Deborah Hilton Statistics Online [], ASHWOOD, Australia


Context A manuscript in the Aust. NZ J of Public Health [2004] by Ozanne-Smith reported that in 2000, 1.2 million deaths resulted from road traffic injury [RTI] with 10 times this number injured. The author states that high income countries have the knowledge, expertise and responsibility for assisting low income countries to counter the growing burden of RTI.

Campaigns in Australia typically have simple, hit home messages with captions overlaid on photos. [Stop, Revive, Survive] is well-known, with accompanying photos displaying red fatigued eyes with the words; tired eyes, yawning, driver fatigue: wake up to the signs.

Process The author noted that in Thailand few motorcyclists wear helmets. Photographs were selected from an array taken by Stephen Hilton, whom won the 2019 Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health early career network photo competition. A photograph of a young motorcyclist with no helmet, holding one handlebar, while smoking a cigarette was utilised with words overlaid on the image including; Helmet, Handlebars, Headlights.

Analysis A systematic statistical analysis is not possible. Instead the design will be shown to potential travellers being mostly young folk planning travel to Thailand, Bali, Vietnam or Indonesia. Their comments will be gathered and collated with themes identified.

Outcomes Changes in RTI rates are impossible to measure from viewed photographs with overlaid text. Impact on behaviour change being helmet usage maybe ascertained by questioning upon return to Australia.

Learning Outcomes Education may alter behaviour for travellers, while local residents may continue to face barriers such as cost.

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