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5D.001 E-Scooters: What do they mean for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians?
  1. Ma (fh) Ernestine Mayer,
  2. Klaus Robatsch
  1. Austrian Road Safety Board, Vienna, Austria


Background Like in many large cities around the world, the popularity of electric micro-vehicles and in particular e-scooters is rapidly growing in Austrian cities. Many new questions with respect to road safety arise, e.g. ‘What measures can be taken to increase the road safety of e-scooter users themselves and of other road users?’ Thus, the KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board) carried out an extensive e-scooter study in 2019.

Methods The following methods were applied:

  1. analysis of existing data on e–scooters, in particular on accidents and legal regulations

  2. online and face–to–face–surveys among 500 e–scooter users and almost 600 non–users on personal experiences, knowledge about legal regulations and user attitudes and behaviour

  3. on–site observations among 1.500 e–scooter users with focus on speed behaviour, usage of infrastructure, helmet wearing and conflicts with cyclists and pedestrians

Results Results showed that…

  1. … people are not sufficiently informed about the applicable legal regulations on e–scooters

  2. … 34,4% of all surveyed e–scooter–users drove illegally on the sidewalk

  3. … conflicts occur frequently because of carelessness and distraction, disregard of traffic rules, violations of priority and excessive speed

Conclusion There is an ongoing process on discussing measures in the following areas:

  1. legislation for e–scooter users (e.g. reduction of speed limits, changes in technical requirements),

  2. awareness raising and training in order to reduce risks,

  3. improvement of infrastructure of all road users (e.g. own parking spaces),

Learning Outcomes This relatively new topic requires further attention and studies in the future.

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