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5B.002 Development of AR application and database to visualize risks of home injuries
  1. Miho Nishizaki
  1. Iwate Prefectural University, Takizawa, Japan


Background/Aims Accidental injuries among young children at home is a global issue. Previous research has indicated that some home injuries are preventable. Although the potential for home injuries is everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to anticipate injuries before they happen. Therefore, it is important to visualize children’s behaviors at home as part of an effort to mitigate the risk of injuries at home. This study presents a prototype augmented reality (AR) mobile application and web database system aimed at visualizing various children’s actions toward their home surroundings in order to prevent injuries.

Methods To visualize how children interacted with their surroundings in everyday environments, we conducted longitudinal observations of 15 children aged 4 to 12 months at their homes in Japan and Portugal. After shortlisting videos that related to the most frequently observed 10 objects, we then developed an AR application, converting the videos into line drawings so as to protect the identity of the participants. The database integrates all observational data and content of the AR application, comprising texts and movies of over 530 everyday objects that infants directly touched at home from 4,100 episodes.

Results As a result, AR application users are able to select the object in their own home environment and see how children interact with it. The AR application provided insight into the interests and behaviors peculiar to young children, and the database enabled users to look for information that could identify potential causes of home injuries.

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