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5A.003 Impacts of safe school programs with 8 indicators in Japan
  1. Yoko Shiraishi
  1. Japan Institution For Safe Communities, Osaka City, Japan


Background Although schools are taking great roles in student’s safety, there are still children who get harmed physically and mentally including bullying. Moreover, there are growing risks including disasters in the communities. Therefore, further comprehensive efforts are now required at the community level as well as schools. To meet that need, Safe School Programs (SSP) based on eight indicators are drawing attention and have introduced to over 30 schools in Japan.

Methods To clarify the impacts of SSP, the comparison studies were made between the groups of SSP promoting schools and not SSP promoting schools. In addition, the longitudinal studies were made at the SSP promoting schools.

Results The injuries decreased close to the half at the SSP promoting schools, while the other groups didn’t show significant change. As for the intentional injuries and mental harms related to bulling, the clear changes were not identified yet, but the number of students who have uncomfortable experience with others have declined and the behaviors and/or conversations among students become more positive and friendly.

Conclusion With SSP programs, the schools can reduce injuries and increase positive communication. Those achievements in making schools safer have been made through the development of the capacities and the ownership of the students as well as teachers. In addition, the network with parents and communities have been developed through the programs.

Learning Outcomes Children’s capacities gained through SSP can be applied not only to injury prevention but also to any risks for the rest of their lives.

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