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4F.001 Traffic accidents: technology that rebuilds the past to save the future
  1. Miryam Moya
  1. Trimble Inc., Madrid, Spain


The accident, despite its brevity, is a dynamic process that takes place in space and time at certain points or areas and moments where events occur. The union between a point and a point takes its name from the position and involves a phase of the accident. Knowing its evolution allows investigating the applicable improvements to avoid the same errors in future cases or circumstances.

The powerful and practical solution to investigate and reconstruct traffic accidents or crime scenes, which give us the keys to avoiding them in the future, is the union of Trimble’s hardware and software solution.

With the Trimble Forensics SX10 solution, forensic teams only have to pick up the instrument and work, spending less time on the scene, minimizing the danger of being exposed on a highway to collect data after a traffic accident. Parking is fast and simple, making data capture not only more efficient, but also extremely accurate. Even point cloud viewing and verification is done on site.

Once you are out of the scene of the accident and out of danger, in your office you can continue with the investigation and reconstruction of any type of traffic accident or crime scene, reaching its conclusion and being able to make the necessary decisions to avoid that Tragic events occur, in turn preventing thousands of deaths and serious injuries that will destroy the lives of millions of people around the world.

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