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4E.002 The Swedish 2020 Strategy on the Safe Use of Quad Bikes
  1. Peter Lundqvist
  1. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden


Context The Swedish Transport Administration together with major stakeholders including researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) developed a joint up-dated strategy for safe use of Quadbikes.

Process and analysis An evaluation of the previous strategy (2014–2020) was done regarding injury statistics, the development of safety features, education, training and research both in Sweden and at an international level. The development in Australia regarding ‘Crush Protection Device (CPD)’ on Quads was one of the major developments since last strategy.

Outcome The joint strategy prioritize a number of areas for further actions: a) Increased use of helmets, b) Increased use of Crush Protection Device (CPD) c) Increased use of alcohol interlocks, d) Decreased use of Quads on public roads, e) Children should not be using Quads and f) Improved information and increased education and training regarding risk awareness and safe driving.

The strategy also points out the importance of further research, development and information regarding the Crush Protection Device (CPD); alternative vehicles such as side-by-sides, small tractors or off-road motorcycles; the development and use of warning/alarm systems for roll-over situations; children and Quad bikes; risks with passengers and loads as well as further education and training issues. Each of the stakeholders stated their ambitions in order to reach the joint goal to reduce the number of fatalities with 50% by the year 2030. SLU will now work with a full-scale test with Crush Protection Device (CPD) on Quad bikes, mainly during off-road use, with 100 professional users.

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