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4D.004 Directional Hearing Awareness, a new way to prevent accidents for helmet users
  1. Felipe Morales
  1. Efem Acoustics, Pereira, Colombia


Background Road traffic injuries constitute a major public health with consequences on mortality and morbidity, according to WHO Globally Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of traffic crashes, approximately 25% where motorcycle drivers

Methods Traditional helmets cover the ears and dramatically reduce hearing acuity, listening to danger can be as important as seeing it. For this, a helmet with a system that improves hearing acuity without affecting impact protection was designed, patented, prototyped and tested in a certified through calculations of measures of central tendency for frequency by analysis of variance (ANOVA) with a confidence interval of 95%, (p <0.05) For the study of laterality, a Binomial analysis was applied to verify the probability of error and success with a confidence level of 95%.

Results the research showed that the use of our Hearing Helmet gave the user an average sound source localization of 90%. For the full-face Helmet user, it presented an average of 67%, it presented difference on the precision of localization source between both helmets

Conclusion The awareness in real time of the surroundings that Hearing Helmet returns to motorcycle drivers, allows to have agile responses in the situations of the road. Implementing this solution will Increase road safety and help reduce worldwide accidents.

Learning Outcomes By improving hearing acuity while wearing a Hearing Helmet, accidents can be reduced and save lives. Hearing Helmet is a solution for road safety on populated urban areas. That is SDG 3.6.1 and our mission too.

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