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4C.002 This is how we do it: Injury Prevention in Western Australia
  1. Russ Milner
  1. Department of Health WA, East Perth, Australia


Context The Department of Health (DoH) Western Australia (WA) employs a small team to oversee Injury Prevention policy within the Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate. The Injury Prevention team (the Team) contribute to the strategic direction and purchasing of programs for injury prevention. The Team partners with non-government organisations (NGOs) in WA to deliver community-based injury prevention health promotion programs (Programs).

Process Four Programs were awarded following an open-tender process in 2013, and ran 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2019. The conclusion of these contracts allowed for a systematic review of priorities, epidemiology, strengths, gaps and opportunities to improve injury prevention practice in WA. This review – both internally and in consultation with the NGOs – has sharpened the focus of the Programs to meet the needs of the WA community.

Analysis The DoH used a suite of information to conduct the review, including:

  • Key reports, strategic frameworks, and available research

  • Service reviews

  • Consultations with NGOs

  • Practical knowledge and experience

Outcomes Following a preferred service provider process, DoH awarded four new service agreements, using innovation to address new and emerging priority areas. Key changes to each of the four programs will be presented and explained. A summary of the ‘building blocks’ to successful partnerships between research, policy and practice will also be suggested.

Learning Outcomes WA’s approach to injury prevention will be explained, with an emphasis on the interrelationships between research, policy and practice.

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