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4B.002 Assessment of trauma care systems in healthcare facilities in Kolar district
  1. Soumalya Ghosh1,
  2. Gautham Melur Sukumar2,
  3. Gururaj Gopalakrishna2
  1. 1World Health Organization – India, Bhagalpur, India
  2. 2National institute of mental health and neurosciences, Bengaluru, India


Background Injuries are a public health problem worldwide accounting for significant mortality, morbidity and disability. The incidence of injury deaths was reported at 32.8 and 42.6 per lakh population in India and Karnataka respectively (NCRB-2015). Evidence indicates that well-organized trauma care systems reduce trauma deaths by 25–30% (WHO). With a vision to strengthen evidence-based trauma care programme in Kolara district, an assessment of trauma care systems was conducted.

Methodology The Study covered all Level 2,3 and 4 hospitals (n=39, Public=6, Private=33) and 8 ambulance service providers. Also, five key informant interviews were conducted. Information was collected regarding current trauma care systems (macro areas, manpower, ER infrastructure, emergency equipment and drugs) in Kolar district. Each hospital was scored based on the existing trauma care systems and these scores were compared with expected standards (WHO guidelines for trauma care).

Results We observed that there was no trauma care policy, SOPs or guidelines for trauma care in most of the HCFs. A severe shortage of CMOs was observed with none in the public sector. Among functioning doctors, only 40.65% were trained in trauma care with this proportion lesser among nursing staff. None of the HCFs from Level – 2 and Level – 3 had trauma care systems which were >75% of expected standards.

Conclusion Study revealed that there is a need for comprehensive strengthening of trauma care systems in the district especially in macro areas, human resources and capacity building. It is recommended to develop a district level trauma care programme.

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