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P2.001 Alcohol´s excessive episodic consumption in teenagers from El Carmen, Jujuy, Argentina, 2018
  1. Nadia Rivera Leinecker
  1. Faculty of humanities and social sciences. Jujuy national university, El Carmen, Argentina


The youth population of Jujuy has adopted a pattern of consumption with large amounts of alcohol in short periods of time, called excessive episodic consumption of alcohol or ‘binge drinking’, which is intake of large amounts of alcohol (more than 5 UNEs = 60 Gr/cc pure alcohol) in a short period of time (hours). This produces significant behavior and consciousness state alterations and causes negative social-sanitary effects.

Design Quantitative, transversal descriptive research. Applying structured, self-administered, anonymous and voluntary questionnaire.

Population and sample Intentional sampling of students in the first and last high school´s years of educational centers in El Carmen.

Results Excessive episodic consumption was more prevalent among older students (28.0% vs. 9.2%); among those who worked (26.0% vs. 15.8); who had friends who drank alcohol (29.1% vs. 5.8%); that were concerned about their consumption (48.3% vs. 15.8%); who said they had sufficient information on alcohol use (21.0% vs. 12.6%) or on alcohol abuse (21.9% vs. 11.6%); who regularly attended bars or pubs (36.6 vs. 12.9%); and among those who spent a lot of time with their partner (22.8% vs. 13.4%). Excessive episodic consumption was lower among those who spent a lot of time watching television (15.2% vs. 25.6%); with their family (14.8% vs. 23.7%); who spent time in the church (14.1% vs. 20.7%); or in some shops where playing video games (12.9% vs. 19.0%).

Conclusion Excessive alcohol consumption is enhanced by having friends who drink and attending night bars.

Reflections Strategies for risk reduction in consumption contexts are necessary.

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