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1B.004 Canadian drowning prevention coalition – intellectual capacity building
  1. Stephen Beerman
  1. University of British Columbia, Dept of Family Practice, Nanaimo, Canada


The WHO Global Report on Drowning recommended ‘all countries should aim to develop a national water safety plan’. The Canadian Drowning Prevention Coalition (CDPC) was formed to leads the facilitation of the Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan.

The first iteration Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan was in 2017. The plan takes an evidence based, public health approach to drowning prevention and inequality reduction. This Plan is formally updated every 6 months.

The Plan has 8 Key Focus Targets selected by a broad community input process. Each Key Focus Target has an inter-professional and multi-sectoral Technical Working Group. The Technical Working Groups have Chairpersons who sit on the CDPC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee provides leadership for Plan development.

The CDPC adds to the intellectual capital and human resource skill set, for the drowning prevention effort. The CDPC is a registered charity funded by participant organizations, donations and projects.

The Plan includes Canadian drowning data. This is an inclusive report for fatal drowning. The Plan is beginning to include non fatal drowning data. Each Technical Working Group reports on community based action, effective policy/legislation and further research. The Plan recommends priority interventions.

The CDPC and Plan aims to add value for the drowning prevention effort. Participant relationship management focuses on a unifying vision, to reduce drowning in Canada.

The Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan is an advocacy tool and guideline for engagement and action. The Plan is an electronic document available for stakeholder communications and distribution.

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