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3C.001 Flirt with disaster: automobile fire: findings from a mixed-methods study
  1. Khalid Mehmood1,
  2. Nazila Khalid2
  1. 1Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (siut), Karachi, Pakistan
  2. 2The Recovery House, Karachi, Pakistan


Context The frightening statistics of 33 cars fire reported every hour, 345 deaths, 1300 injuries and $1.1 billion property loss annually in US alone raises red flags to draw attention of consumers and state for developing stringent strategies to address the growing challenge amid hike in automobiles price and neglect of safety measures in developing countries. Our study explored determinants and risk factors & consequences in terms of affective and affordable strategies for prevention of automobile fire cases.

Process A sequential mixed-methods study was conducted in Karachi, from June’- November’2019 using purposive sampling. The cross-sectional survey explored the car fire patterns, trauma and safety measures by consumers. The qualitative inquiry (FGDs and interviews) explored the determinants of automobile fire and reasons of fatalities.

Analysis & Outcomes Out of 500 drivers, around (300) 60% suffered or witnessed minor to major car fire incidents in in past 6 months with almost all had minor injuries to fatalities. Only (150) 30% had vehicle maintenance annually. As for build quality and maintenance cost (415) 83% considered non-affordable, whereas, (350) 70% considered essential. More than 90% had no safety tools, only (50)10% cited surveillance mandatory. The lack of knowledge about quality standards and safety measures rendered by (425) 85%.The qualitative inquiry augmented these findings with all the stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes The loopholes in safety standards of automobile industry, lack of knowledge of customer about safety measures and non-existing surveillance by law enforcement authorities result in compromised quality of vehicle and paves way for looming disaster.

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