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3B.003 Lesson learned from YOURS Network implementation in Thailand
  1. Lesson learned from YOURS Network implementation in Thailand Dararat Changduang
  1. Road Safety Group Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand implemented the youth network project to promote road safety from school to the community or ‘YOURS Network’ in 5 provinces such including Chanthaburi, Songkhla, Chaiyaphum, Phetchabun and Sa Kaeo under the support of the Road Safety Fund, Department of Land Transport. In order to expand the YOURS Network project nationwide, this study project to take off the lessons of operations under the implemented YOURS Network projects was conducted from 22 September 2018 to 18 February 2019 in Chanthaburi and Songkhla provinces. The project aims to study the lesson learned, evaluate YOURS Network project development, and draw a guideline for incoming project support in the future. This project also working on review literature both Thailand and International on how to work with children and youth on road safety issues.The study found that important factors to drive the project to success and achieving long-term sustainability consisting of creating a powerful youth leader, integration of cooperation with various parties, driving road safety issues into the educational system in schools, making clear determination of the key coordinator, heightened awareness on road safety, and recognize all channels communication

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