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3B.002 Protecting generations from risky behaviors in jordan – royal health awareness society
  1. Deena Al Zoubi,
  2. Reem Al-Faris
  1. Royal Health Awareness Society, Amman, Jordan


Background In Jordan, 33.9% of boys aged 13 to 15 years old currently use tobacco products as well as 13.8% of girls. The issue is aggravated due to the easy access to tobacco products, where more than 67% of them were not prevented from buying them despite their age and its use has thus tripled over the past 5 years among youth. Moreover, the antinarcotics department has reported increases in addiction and drug abuse related issues.

Methods Generations Protected

The Royal Health Awareness Society started implementing (Tahseen) in 2016, which aims to contribute to healthy upbringing of future generations and to protect youth from risky behaviors. Tahseen includes 3 programs targeting three age groups. The program is based on an interactive and participatory approach; it aims to build the capacity of the younger generation in life skills, equipping them with the skill set to be more resilient, and be able to handle peer pressure. Moreover, the program works on raising the awareness of both students and parents on harmful effects of addiction to smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Findings and Conclusion The program has been implemented in 271 schools with more than 91,581 beneficiaries. It was found that the program contributed effectively in enhancing students’ personal skills (36.5% of students found it very easy to say no to something they didn’t want to do vs. 28.5%) as well as in emphasizing their beliefs about the harmful effect of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and water pipe, and change their willingness to try them.

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