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2F.001 Safe and barrier free model city development in Pindaya towards SDG 2030
  1. Aye Moe Moe Lwin1
  1. 1WHO Country Office, Yangon, Myanmar
  2. 2National Rehabilitation Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar
  3. 3Township Hospital, Pindaya Township, Myanmar


Context This project was agreed with community at Pindaya City, place of Danu ethnic tribe from Myanmar, to be long term continuing project from 2019–2030 for achieving Universal Health Coverage for four target populations of persons with disability (PWDs), elderly, children and women and five Sustainable Development Goals.

Process The community agreed during capacity building of key stakeholders that investing for safe and barrier free environment and community-based rehabilitation (CBR) support was more economical and sustainable. Barrier free hospital and health clinics followed by improving services and infrastructure of the public places to be barrier free.

Analysis The mobilization of financial resources from Danu self-administrative department and Township Development Committee were main mechanisms for financial resources. Technical support on capacity building for safety and accessibility audit for vulnerable people was provided by WHO and Myanmar Independent Living Initiative. Setting up of comprehensive center for violence survivors, CBR program for PWDs and establishment of management committee to plan and implement were important activities.

Outcomes The community can build their own future they want for safety, accessibility, participation and economy. Nearly 80 to 90% of targets achieved after first year. As the community develops, benefit will also be for all people, not only vulnerable groups.

Learning Outcomes Sustainability is promising when local government and community pursue with own vision and goals, planning own financial resources and capacity building for safety and barrier free.

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