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2D.001 Distracted walking prevention with multi-sectoral collaboration from research to awareness & education
  1. Xiajun (Joy) Xu,
  2. Minyan (Monica) Cui
  1. Safe Kids China, Shanghai, China


Background Road traffic accident is the first killer to teens aged 15–17 in China. Teens are the group walking independently and with the highest increasing rate on web-surfing through mobile phone. This program involves research and transfers the research findings into actions on awareness and education to prevent the distracted walk among teens and public.

Objective Understand distracted walk among teens and raise awareness on no distracted walk among teens and the public.

Method 1) A questionnaire survey on distracted walking among 2,984 teens in 12 schools were conducted 2) Results were used to build an awareness campaign with multi-sectoral collaboration; 3) Working with local educators to have the curriculum into schools as a must-do education to teens.

Results 1) A research report on teens distracted walk was issued which showed 35.80% of the respondents using cellphones while walking, among which 18.04% were hit by vehicles; 2) The findings were used to lobby: a) the decision-makers of multi-sectors working together on the campaign ‘The Moment of Silence’ and the promotion in the public transportation (public bus and subway) and shopping malls; b) the decision-makers of educational sector to have ‘No Distracted Walking’ curriculum into 2000 schools of 5 cities as the must-do education on road safety and also schools over 40 cities used the curriculum.

Conclusion Research findings are the key to kick the ball running on engaging local government’s action on raising the awareness on ‘No Distracted Walking’ among teens and the public.

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