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2A.001 Road traffic injuries among children and adults in the Republic of Moldova
  1. Angela Cazacu-Stratu,
  2. Svetlana Cociu
  1. Department of Hygiene ‘Nicolae Testemitanu’ State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova (the Republic of)


Background Road accidents are a major problem for public health and a major cause of deaths and injuries worldwide. In the Republic of Moldova, road accidents are one of the mortality cause among children aged between 14–18 years old and one of the main causes of morbidity of children aged between 0–14 years old. The aim of this study was to underline the particularities of road injuries and to develop effective preventive measures of reducing road injures.

Methods A retrospective study was performed with data collection from the official statistical reports of the Chisinau Police Department for 2010–2018, SPSS was used for data analysis.

Results Road injuries account for 1.2% of the total number of child injuries in the country and 1.4% in Chisinau. Mortality from road trauma in the country during the last 8 years registered the highest level in September (13.5%) and June (11%) and the fewest deaths were detected in March - 3.4%, while in Chisinau, most deaths were registered in January, August and November (19.1% each). In 46.2% of children were as a pedestrian. Men aged 20–29 years old and 50–59 years old were identified at higher risk of dying being a driver or being a passenger in a transport unit.

Conclusion Data showed a downward trend of 30.3%, although it is necessary to strengthen the cross-sectoral actions and take common efforts in road safety.

Learning Outcomes Our results suggested the need for health promotion and health education campaigns and intersectoral approach among the vulnerable groups.

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