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P1.005 Action plan for safety, based on local conditions, national policies, global visions
  1. Eva Vaagland
  1. Norwegian Safety Forum, Oslo, Norway


Context Norwegian laws and regulations state that municipalities shall promote health and well-being, contribute to good environmental conditions and prevent mental and somatic illnesses and injuries. Preventive efforts are given broad attention.

This gives Norway a supportive framework for prevention, and a potential interest for safety work on community level. But public health work mainly focuses on lifestyle diseases and the prevention of these. Less effort is put into injury prevention and safety promotion. The Norwegian Safety Forum (NSF) is a non-profit organization, a national advocate for safety supported by the ministry of health. It`s a a hub for information with activities, networking and meetings on the agenda. We want to engage local communities in safety promotion.

Process NSF has developed a national program for community safety based on local conditions, challenges and available resources, Norwegian laws and regulations, WHO visions, and Safe Community experiences. The program is developed to meet national targets and will guide municipalities to reach these goals by developing multisector collaboration and use documented prevention measures. NSF offers advice, guidance, tools, networks and seminars.

Outcome We have established a national network With about 40 municipalities using the program for community safety. The program is endorced by the National Program for Public Health, The National Program for Safe Elderly and the National Plan for Road Safety. The model with a step-by-step approach is a useful instrument for communities, turning global visions and national policies into local realities.

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