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P1.004 Impacts of safe community programs on social loss in Japan
  1. Hiasto Imai1,
  2. Yoko Shiraishi2
  1. 1Mature Life Insitute, Osaka City, Japan
  2. 2Japan Institution for Safe Communities, Osaka City, Japan


Background Since 2005 when the Safe Community programs (SC) based on the seven indicators was firstly introduced in Japan, there are 17 communities which have introduced the SC into their community development policies. Among those communities, there is growing interest in what impacts SC has made in their communities.

Methods The social cost of main causes of injuries such as suicide, traffic incidents, falls of the elderly was calculated based on the data provided by the fire department (ambulance transportation) and the medical institutions in some communities working on SC.

Results Although there are limitations to have the exact cost of the social loss under the different conditions in each community, in the case of community A, one of the communities with longest experience of SC programs, we found that the community can save 18,081,333 USD (per 100,000) when they have zero suicide and depression.

Conclusion In this study, possible losses made from influence on their families and workplaces are not included to the calculation. With the consideration of those conditions, the social loss can be much higher. To see precise losses, in addition to direct losses, we should identify what make indirect influences on the social losses. and it can be different by different causes of injuries.

Learning Outcomes With the scandalized frame for the calculation of the social loss, we can show the benefits of prevention programs. It can convince policy makers to understand how much benefit the programs for injury prevention can make in their communities

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