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How to analyse the injury based on 24Model: a case study of coal mine gas explosion injury


Background Coal mine gas explosion injury has caused mass casualties, which have resulted in widespread concern.

Methods In order to prevent gas explosion injury in coal mine, 24Model is proposed to analyse the risk in this paper. 24Model is a human-oriented and organisation-oriented risk analysis method. Based on the 24Model, we propose a general procedure for analysing the causes of injury within the organisation.

Results A coal mine gas explosion case was analysed using the 24Model and the proposed analysis method, and the evolution of injury and the interaction of various causes was showed, and 6 unsafe conditions, 25 unsafe acts, 13 safety knowledge, 13 safety management systems and 13 safety cultures were obtained.

Conclusion Case analysis results show that by using the 24Model and analysis method the proposed effect can help employees to clearly see the evolution and identify the causes of the injury, to better understand the logical relationship with the causes of the injury, improve the effectiveness of training and effectively prevent similar injury. The case study provides a practical procedure for injury investigation and analysis, and thus, preventive measures can be made according to the various causations at different levels.

  • case study
  • process/impact evaluation
  • risk factor research
  • workplace
  • behavior

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