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Terrain park feature compliance with Québec ski area safety recommendations


Objectives The primary objective of this paper is to examine terrain park (TP) feature compliance with recommendations from a ski area industry guide (are TP features compliant with the guide?) and determine factors that could be associated with TP feature compliance in Québec ski areas (do factors influence TP feature compliance?), Canada. These recommendations on the design, construction and maintenance are provided by the Québec Ski Areas Association Guide.

Methods A group of two to four trained research assistants visited seven ski areas. They used an evaluation tool to assess the compliance of 59 TP features. The evaluation tool, originally developed to assess the quality of TP features based on the guide, was validated in a previous study. Compliance was calculated by the percentage of compliant measures within a given feature. The potential influence of four factors on compliance (size of the TP, size of the feature, snow conditions and type of feature) were examined using a mixed-effects logistic regression model.

Results The average TP feature compliance percentage was 93% (95% CI 88% to 99%) for boxes, 91% (95% CI 89% to 94%) for rails and 89% (95% CI 86% to 92%) for jumps. The logistic regression showed that none of the four factors examined were associated with TP feature compliance with the guide.

Conclusion Our results suggest that TP features are highly compliant with the guide in Québec ski areas.

  • passive safety
  • standards
  • implementation / translation
  • process/impact evaluation

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