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Violence prevalence and prevention status in China


Objectives To describe the prevalence status of violence and its prevention in China, and to provide reference for the development of strategies regarding violence prevention.

Methods Violence mortality data between 2006 and 2015 were obtained from the national disease/death surveillance data set in 2006–2015. Data on violence-related medical cases were collected from the 2015 National Injury Surveillance System. The laws and policies about violence prevention and violence prevention programmes in China were described.

Results Violence mortality declined by 57.02% during 2006–2015 from 1.21/100 000 to 0.52/100 000. Violent death rate in males peaked in the age group 25–29 years (1.05/100 000) and it was low in the age group <15 years. Female violence mortality rate peaked during infancy (0.54/100 000), aged 25–29 (0.53/100 000) and age above 85 (0.98/100 000). The laws and policies about violence prevention were more perfect, while most prevention programmes were limited in scale and duration.

Conclusions The mortality of violence declined in China during 2006–2015. It is necessary to conduct gender-specific prevention strategies and improve the data collection and prevention service.

  • violence
  • mortality
  • legislation

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