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PW 2635 Constructing a unified concept, the college of commerce, chiang rai
  1. Suriyan Tueyos
  1. Chiang Rai Vocational College of Commerce, Thailand


This research aims to reduce and prevent the loss of traffic accidents by the students of Chiang Rai Vocational College of Commerce to be 0% by 2016. It is a participatory action research which data was collected from actual situation from 2013 to 2016 to create the database for the analysis of problem data, including the development of the problem solving model in order to serve as commercial model and use the pattern to solve the problem of student accident in Chiang rai province. This is part of the research project. The data collected from the actual situation from 2556 to 2559 to create the database for the analysis of problem data, including the development of the problem solving model. To be a commercial model and to solve the problem of student accident in Chiang rai province Methodology The study is a research that combines participatory research with Action Research, as well as qualitative research and to gain new knowledge in solving problems with students of the College of Commerce Chiang Rai. This research was conducted by students, faculty, administrators, and network partners that participate in every step from joining, co-decision, join the joint audit together with the benefits. The learning process has studied the root causes of traffic accident by having students as Student-Centered Development (or People-Centered Development) and problem solving through Problem-Learning Process By driving this research, it result, in the academic year 2016, the number of traffic accidents decreased from 56 times to 12 times last year, down 80% and two deaths in 2015, with no deaths in 2016. In 2016, students with valid driving license represented 1000% and 97.2% were wearing helmets. Students wear helmets in the schools according to the policy of the school. The course is packed with safe driving to teach all levels of the year. There are 18 educational institutes in Chiangrai, both public and private. The result of this research is the result of innovative work to strengthen safety in schools. The study focuses on the phenomenon of natural occurrence. By looking at traffic accidents, this is a holistic approach to the problem of diversity and finds the link point. The happenings of traffic accidents that students has encountered, there is a chance to see a complete picture of the problem. Understand the root element of the problem. This means that in dealing with traffic accidents in practice and research, each event has a significant relationship with each other and cannot be separated. The problem is solved using the mechanism of development, participation in all sectors. 5. SC 5. Focus on sustainable success, flexibility, suitability, adaptability to the situation according to the context of each area. Barriers to research indicated that students have changed every year. The school has a lot of activities. The plan must be planned and organized in accordance with the calendar of the school. Encourage regular activities and use statistical data to analyze, plan, and continually expand.

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