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PW 2620 Importance of children and adolescents protection on the road to achieve the SDO to 2030
  1. Casimir Kossi Migan
  1. ONG Alinagnon, Cotonou, Benin


Since some years, the road accidents, apart from being a problem of public health have become a development problem. It is the first cause of death among the youth from 15 to 29 years and the second cause of death for children from 5 to 14 years. In Benin, according to the Road Safety National Center (CNSR), in 2015, it was registered 5.990 cases of accidents involving 11 422 vehicles and causing 637 deads, 2218 severe injuried and 2818 light injuried. These datas are probably under estimated for only the accidents reported by the Police, Gendarmerie and the Fire-men are recorded by the CNSR. According to the report of the WHO 2015 road safety world situation, the number of death on Benin roads is estimated to 2855 with a 27.7 rate for 100.000 inhabitants. This rate is superior to the 26.6 of Africa. Seeing this situation, and according to the recommendations of 3.6 SDGs target, Benin implements a program to secure pupils by the arrangement of road sides of schools in road safety items (wall of protection, sign board, pedestrian road, speed bump, etc.). Also, this program enables to mobilize local authorities, parents, teachers and learners for road safety education in schools with practical and theorical teachings adapted to each category of schoolboys. Some pupils in this program are identified and trained to play the ‘educator peers’ to accompany their mates in adopting positive behaviours on the road. Regarding the achievement of 11.2 SDGs target, in Benin, a policy of encouraging common transport is set up. More than 300 new and safe vehicles are put into circulation to allow road users to move safely. These vehicles are solicited via a 24 hour available customer service.

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