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PW 2611 Addressing poor legislative backing for road safety agreements in africa – the 2007 accra declaration on first aid use
  1. Dumebi Ojugbana,
  2. Charles Ojugbana,
  3. Maxwell Ajufo
  1. PATVORA Initiative, Nigeria


Situation In Africa, there exist so many agreements and decisions that have been reached for road safety development, unfortunately the implementing agencies like road safety management agencies have not been able to implement such credible and proven measures because they lack authority or capacity to lobby for such to be made laws by their nation’s legislative arm like National Assembly.

Findings This research focused on 2007 Accra declaration a.k.a decisions by meeting of experts. Our research outcome shows that at the said conference is widely rated as a most credible gathering of African experts for accomplishment of set goals of UN/WHO target on global road injury and fatality reduction. On compulsory implementation of training of drivers and carrying of first did boxes as recommended by ‘meeting of experts’, of the 20 African countries investigated which endorsed the agreement, non has implemented the fist aid policy as a result of lack of legislative backing. Most road safety agencies in Africa lack both the financial capacity and reach to create appropriate sensitisation to lobby the the nation’s legislative arm for approval of tested and known measures for reduction of road injuries and deaths as evinced from interviews conducted with road safety officials of the countries investigated.

Recommendations National road safety agencies should seek ways of enhancing collaboration with both the media and relevant NGOs to ensure that their Continental endorsements on recommendations of experts are passed into law for gross reduction of road deaths and injuries.

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