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PW 2545 Develobment of road safety organization to promote safe driving behavior of phaya meng rai hospital officer in chiang rai province
  1. Prapaporn Chuemeungphan,
  2. Damrong Chuaykaekhai,
  3. Roongnapa Sumano
  1. Phaya Meng Rai hospital, Chiang Rai province, Thailand


According to the surveys of traffic behaviors among hospital staffs’ showed; there are <50% of hospital staffs who use safety belt during drive a car and wear the helmet for riding the motor bike. Hence, the researcher has developed the organization rule of safety to enhance the hospital staffs to reinforce the safety behaviors during driving. The Participatory Action Research (PAR) was used to evaluate the effects of the Corporate measure program toward the safety driving behaviors. The sample were all hospital staffs, which were selected by convenience sampling. The data conducted from October 1, 59 to July 30, 60. The descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data.

The Corporate measure program was developed by the members of Phayamengrai hospital and implemented to all staff here. The hospital director were explicitly announcement the policy. There were the supervisory committees and the traffic environmental was rearrangement. After implemented the committee going to visit all department for organization evaluation. The result showed that the number of staffs who use car seat belt and wear helmet had increased more than 90% and it leaded to the safe driving behavior development model which could be the model to other organizations.

Inconclusion, all staff in the organization has good in collaborate and corporate measure. The hospital directors also have to declare and support the policy. The safety driving behavior development model has been proposed to Road Safety Directing Center, and Department of Local Administration requests to every district for collaboration to use the safe driving behavior model.

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