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PW 2501 Local empowerment for road safety – lers lebanon & mena
  1. Georges A Metni1,2,3,
  2. Master’s Degree RS Management
  1. 1Adel Metni Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon
  2. 2Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon
  3. 3Renault Foundation, Boulogne, Paris, France


Governments across MENA region currently shares a common challenge in improving road safety performance on both national and local levels. The frequency of traffic crashes in these countries is increasing hastily and dramatically.

Public health reports alongside with ‘WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety’ illustrated by ‘Time for Action’, all confirm that road crashes are the leading cause of deaths among youths, which demands urgent initiatives and solutions at both national and local levels. The increase in prosperity and the economic development didn’t actually lead to a real improvement in reducing the level of fatal crashes in these countries.

Lost GDP, recessed socio-economic situation and the ongoing increase in fatalities, are all indicators that combine together to bring more attention to the road safety crisis facing the MENA region and Lebanon.

When the majority of central governments in these countries are lacking effective means and ways to strengthen and improve road safety management, and when lead agencies involved in handling road safety initiatives at the national level are practically vague, this paper will discuss the ‘bottom-up’ approach of local empowerment for road safety.

‘LERS’ (Local Empowerment for Road Safety) prototype is a vigorous solution which may help local authorities in MENA region to overcome challenges of road safety at all levels. Empowering communities to better approach road safety will lead to positive effects nationwide and lead to advancement towards Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. Local governments can play the role of ‘lead agencies’ in managing and monitoring road safety programs RSP(s), and communities will be interacting effectively towards participating in the decision an implementation of road safety interventions at the educational, engineering, and emergency levels.

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