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PW 2469 Guidelines on traffic accident management in ao luk district krabi
  1. Prawit Kunnikom1,
  2. Chaiwut Buatong2,
  3. Kodej Yala1,
  4. Anchalee Paklao1
  1. 1District Public Health Office
  2. 2Ao Luk District Office


Road traffic injury (RTI) in Ao Luk district, Krabi province, October 2016 – May 2017, with 14 deaths, 25 deaths per 1 00 000 population. Even with the accident management approach, the situation is likely to increase, so the study and development of a participatory approach is underway.

This research aims to develop a guideline on traffic accident management approach, Ao Luk Krabi as an Action Research (AR) joint development of traffic accident management in the district of Krabi. Krabi perform specific selection which includes the head of government, representative of direct accident group and representative of each Tambon for the total of 9 Tambons for 90 people. The study was divided into 2 phases as follows: Phase 1: Study RTI program from Hospital OS 2016 and analyze current situation. Phase 2: Stage 2 carries out the engagement and develop and implement a traffic accident management approach. The tools used were the report format using the focus group approach and participant observation. Data collection was conducted during January-May 2017. Descriptive analysis and content analysis were used.

The results show that the approach to traffic accident management can begin the process of creating engagement from the level of the formation of the policy by using the process Network integration Establishment of sub-district and community committees and development of community rescue groups (Student traffic) and related schools to conduct a community forum in the area and to create an agreement and social measures such as safe driving. The use of helmets, safety belt, pet control Controlling children who are unable to drive as required and raining for children and adolescents such as traffic discipline, Big Cleaning Day Campaign, Establishes Community Outpost in Secondary Road And risk areas The public relations campaign in the community at the village meeting (To be No 1) to the public to recognize the importance of managing the accident and provide a service unit before the safety of the car.

Based on this study, a policy proposal was developed to address traffic accidents. DHS action can be driven by the District Health and Quality Development Board and implemented by using the public participation concept. Accident management should focus on the behavior of the driver, such as wearing a helmet. Belt, etc., while developing the media. The public relations campaign created on time of the accident, such as the maximum accident in Taiwan.

  • Keywords Traffic Accident Management

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