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PW 2448 Planted seedlings ‘love reading traffic rules’
  1. Arduai Hayeesa


Principles and rationale for project implementation According to the government, road safety is a national agenda. To drive Thailand’s approach as a member of the United Nations in line with the Moscow Declaration, year 2011 – 2020 is appointed as a Decade of Road Safety. The government has set 8 aggressive measures. 1. Promote wearing a helmet 2. Reduce risk behaviors from alcohol consumption and driving a vehicle. 3. Resolve risk points, hazard zones. 4. Adjust speeding 5. Raise vehicle safety standards. 6. Improve performance of road users 7. Develop emergency medical systems Treatment and rehabilitation of injured persons; and 8. Develop a management system in order to reduce road accidents, the death to no more than 10 people per 1 00 000 population in 2020, and especially the measures under measure# 6. Improve performance of road users to have road safety awareness and respect traffic rules in community area in the region. Therefore, solving the problem of road accidents will take time. To nurture and internalize a sense of road safety from young age and to accelerate the process to reach all students in educational institutions from elementary, secondary and higher education Narathiwat Provincial Transport Office, the activities of planting the seedlings ‘Love Reading Traffic rules’ were selected by students in secondary schools, namely, Miss Valaifah Wahbueraheng and Ms. Wahhonny Wahbueraheng (twin).They are cartoonists that can enhance children’s safety awareness. There are details about safety of children and young people in driving two-wheel bicycle through the four characters are: Phu Pha, Muhamad, Namsai and Fatima as shown in the manualse In the beginning, there were 200 seedlings to distribute to pupils in primary schools in Narathiwat. The activity was delivered to the school library, along with a handbook for 202 students, on the September 28, 2019 issue of Baan Thon School, Muang District, Narathiwat Province. Students have better understanding of traffic rules. There are an increase number of people using two-wheeled bicycle (from answering the question and giving out prizes). It is supported by the Office of Insurance Road Safety Fund. Project Objectives 1. To strengthen the road safety awareness for children and youth since childhood who are studying at elementary level. 2. To encourage students to love reading books through cartoon characters. ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ 3. To create a seedling network ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ to cover the whole area in Narathiwat Province Guidelines for the implementation of the project. 1. Publish handbook Plant Seedlings ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ 2. Disseminate handbook Plant Seedlings ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ through passing the handbook along ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ handbook to students in elementary school in Narathiwat Province. 3. To promote the school to use handbook Plant Seedlings ‘Love Reading Traffic Rules’ to expand to all students in the school and extend to nearby schools and other institutions.

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