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PW 2407 Blue-pink respect rules-reduce accidents-using innovative 6S operation
  1. Piyaporn Siripreechapan
  1. Srikranuan Wittayakhom School, Khon Kaen, Thailand


Road accidents are a major problem that all countries are encountering. Thailand has the second highest accident rate in the world. Srikranuan Wittayakhom School has realized the problems and has recorded the accident statistics of the last 3 years: 2014 to 2016; there have been 8 accidents, 6 accidents (one death) and 2 accidents, respectively. Helmet wearing statistics were only 73%. The school has developed a new approach to reduce accidents by using innovative 6S: SURVEY, STUDY, SAFETY, SUPPORT, SHARE and STRONGER TOGETHER.

Objective 1) To raise awareness about safety in driving. 2) To ensure safety in road use. 3) To decrease the number of injuries and deaths. 4) To expand the road network to schools located on the main road in Amphur Kranuan.

Methods Define the scope of operations in accordance with the 6S innovation as follows: 1) SURVEY (Survey) The school has collected accident statistics in the area to analyze causes and seek risk factors along with surveyed students’ travel information and record all information in the STUDENT program. 2) STUDY (Education/Training) The school has invited relevant staff and traffic operators in the area to educate students and encourage students to take part in awareness raising sessions with students who do not follow the rules. 3) SAFETY (School Safety Action) The school has implemented Improvement of traffic signs, solved the problems and frequent points of accidents together with check student helmet wearing. 4) SUPPORT (School Network Support) The school has cooperated with the network partners in the campaign both in and out of school. 5) SHARE (School Information Exchange) The school has sent its staff to attend the seminar with Road Safety Center Amphur Kranuan and disseminate information via facebook page RVP Road Safety Camp Srikranuan Wittayakhom School. 6) STRONGER TOGETHER (Sustainability) The school has expanded its network to schools located on the main road as follows: Quarter 1: Kranuan-Ta Kan To roads, Quarter 2: Kranuan-Nam Pong roads, Quarter 3: Kranuan – Chiengyuen roads and Quarter 4: Kranuan – Huay Meg roads.

Study results 1) Teachers and students of Srikranuan Wittayakhom School be aware of the safety of using road vehicles and there are 100% helmet wearing statistics. 2) The number of casualties and deaths decreased between 2014 and 2017. 3) The school has a program/measure to increase the safety of using road vehicles every year. It is a step by step innovation based on 6S. 4) There is a road safety network partner. 5) It has been awarded the 1 st runner-up prize for Road Safety Project Contest Safe Road Safety Club in Schools for Decade of Road Safety # 4 national level.

Summary/reviews/recommendations From intensive operation to ensure security in the use of vehicles by having invented the process using Innovation6S which is easy to implement and can be a model for school network school in order to solve road accidents. Thus, this led to a reduction in the number of injuries and death. As for sustainability and the continuation to practice depends on the cooperation from all network partners to cooperate. This is the main factor that will result in a sustainable reduction in road traffic accidents and injuries.

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