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PW 2355 Road safety education centre – in the search of effective road accidents preventive methods
  1. Maria Dabrowska-Loranc,
  2. Dagmara Jankowska-Karpa,
  3. Aneta Wnuk
  1. Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw, Poland


Road safety education is an important element of road accidents prevention. EU Road Safety Policy indicates the necessity to concentrate efforts, among others, on education and training of road users to limit the number of road fatalities. Currently, creating educational centres where visitors participate in practical experiments is becoming more popular.

Development of Road Safety Education Centre (CEBR) is a pilot project carried out by Motor Transport Institute within 2015–2018. The main goal of CEBR is to improve road safety education effectiveness in Poland, as well as to develop recommendations for education resort based on the conducted research. The aim of CEBR classes is to assist participants in understanding road risks and to develop responsible traffic behaviours.

The main task of CEBR was to prepare training programmes and materials addressed to all participants (pupils of elementary, middle and high schools, students and drivers 50+) and to evaluate the classes. During classes, interactive teaching methods and exhibitions which emphasise active creativity, self-deduction, ability to collect information, as well as group problem solving methods were used. The classes were supported by questionnaire study evaluation, assessing classes (topics, content, materials etc.), trainers (background, knowledge transfer) and participants’ road safety knowledge, addressed to all CEBR visitor groups. The obtained data undergo qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The main research question of CEBR project concerns whether the classes improve the efficiency of road safety education in Poland. The results of the pilot study are crucial in learning if the participants are interested in such education form and in which direction CEBR should evolve. If the results prove to be positive, CEBR activities can contribute to: raising awareness on road risks and motivation for safe and responsible behaviour; supporting and complementing school programmes; expanding road safety educational base; promoting life-long learning.

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