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PW 2350 Building capacities of road safety ngos in africa
  1. Patrick Kinyanjui,
  2. Lotte Brondum
  1. Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, Klosbackstrasse Zurich, Switzerland


In response to SDG targets 3.6 of halving the number of deaths by 2020, the Global Alliance of NGOs for road safety established the Alliance Empowerment program. In late 2015 a needs assessment was conducted which showed that NGOs want to make a meaningful contribution to the SDG road safety goals but often lack focus, skills and confidence to do so. In Africa NGOs advocating for road safety constitute over 25% of the Alliance membership. Over 90% of these are low capacity NGOs. They lack tools and systematic approach to their work. But they are enthusiastic, want to be involved and are proud of their work and have a good reach in their communities. They have limited or no funding, and lack expertise, yet they are willing to be trained, guided and engaged.

Through simple and specific tailored practical exercises involving collection of data, the NGOs have been guided to implement demonstration projects around schools which they replicate with limited funds. These projects will be instrumental in generating a demand from the public for safer roads, especially when the NGOs base their interventions on evidence about what works. They will contribute in significant ways to saving lives on the roads.

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