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PW 2265 An evaluation of the institutions and public health impact of policy interventions and actions for road safety promotion; a case study of uganda
  1. Juliet Ntuulo Mutanda
  1. Makerere University, Kampala Uganda


In Uganda, Road Traffic Injuries account for over eighty percent of unintentional injuries and disabilities contributing to the injury related morbidity, mortality and disabilities. Uganda endorsed the UN Resolution on Decade of Action for Road Safety as one of the strategies to reduce injury related morbidity and mortality by fifty percent in 2020. However, no information is available about the public health impact and consequences of the policies and interventions implemented to reduce the burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Uganda. This study therefore seeks to assess, evaluate and document the institutions, policies and interventions implemented in the prevention of Road Traffic Injuries and promotion of road safety in Uganda. Findings from this study will contribute to the evidence to guide implementation and scale up of strategic and cost effective interventions and policies to guide the prevention of Road Traffic Injuries in Uganda. Knowledge of this is also important in informing strategic planning, resource allocations as well as prioritization of targeted interventions to control injury related disability, morbidity and mortality in resource limited settings.

This doctoral thesis will be a case study targeting different institutional players and stakeholders that are responsible for implementing policies and strategies to prevent Road Traffic Injuries in Uganda. This study will focus on one of the biggest road safety intervention packages that have been implemented in Uganda. A collaborative approach and engagement with government and other stakeholder still be highly considered and the findings will be disseminated through policy briefs and presentations to stakeholders promote use evidence based policies in road safety policies in Uganda.

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