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PW 2224 Review of road safety content in current school curriculum maharashtra, india
  1. Rupa Kothari1,
  2. Madhavi Gunandekar1,
  3. Prajakta Palaye1,
  4. Shilpa Naik2
  1. 1Safe Kids Foundation, India
  2. 2Brihanmumbai Mahapalika Shikshak Sabha, India


Introduction Textbooks, in India are primary resource of learning in schools and the first books in the life of most of the children, which help them to understand various aspects related to life and living. However, it was found that although transportation being an inseparable part of each one’s life, there was not enough content and awareness about it.

Objective To review the text books of grades I to VIII for road safety content and integrate age specific appropriate content on road safety, while maintaining the authenticity, flow and the curriculum intact. To submit the recommendations of the review to Maharashtra State Textbook Bureau to integrate road safety content to the existing curriculum.

Methodology Textbooks of all the subjects of Marathi medium from Grades I to VIII of Maharashtra State Textbook Bureau were reviewed by Safe Kids Foundation and Brihanmumbai Mahapalika Shikshak Sabha for road safety content, which included words, sentences, paragraphs, pictures, activities/exercises/worksheets and pages. The teachers reviewed the text books of all the subjects and found scope to include new content or to improve it, to make road safety part of the daily lessons in the curriculum.

Conclusion Integration of road safety content in the existing curriculum will create reinforcement daily through various subjects, it will help children understand through examples, exercises, awareness events and pictures the importance of safety and safety culture could be ingrained. The recommendations are noteworthy, these recommendations will encourage the students to explore, read up, experience, improve and act and behave safely on the roads. The findings are submitted to State Textbook Bureau for action.

  • Road safety
  • safety culture
  • text book review
  • curriculum

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