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PW 2213 Understanding existing road user behavious of pedestrians, cyclists and motor cycle riders of basarore – kharagpur expressway in india
  1. Bikash Mohapatra
  1. Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents, India


Balasore Kharagpur Expressway is the lifeline of Odisha, India. Daily 8000 heavy, medium and light vehicles and 3000 motor cycles travel on the road. Over the years, the highway has witnessed exponential increase in accidents and causalities. In order to know the existing practices of road usage by the people living along with the highway; we conducted one baseline and need assessment study. The broad objective of the study was to understand existing road-usage behaviour of most vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cycle riders.

In order to undertake the study and reach the objectives of the study, quantitative data analysis methodology was adopted. As part of the methodology the respondents from three categories viz. pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cycle riders were selected along the 53 k.m. stretch spanning from Fuladi (Balesore) to Laxmananath Gate. Total 20 selected volunteers were involved as data collectors. Total 582 respondents were administered a close-ended questionnaires on all the issues of road safety.

A little over 11% people discuss road-safety issues always with their families. Total 45.1% of the respondents said that they are not aware of various road rules and road signs. About 23% of the respondents said that they do not give any importance to road safety. Only 14% of the respondents said that they always obey traffic rules whereas another 9.8% said they obey it only as per their conveniences. Most of the motorbike riders do not use the helmet for safely travelling. The data shows a whopping 57.9% of the respondents are not using helmet ever.

As seen from the data awareness level on road-safety is very low. There is a need of frequent discussion among the family members on road-safety issues. So these issues can be sorted out only through proper awareness building programme and counseling.

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