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PW 2039 Investigating elderly road traffic fatalities in khorasan razavi province
  1. Ali Zayerzadeh
  1. Road Safety Spesialist, Road Safety Pioneers (RSP)


Older driver safety is a rapidly growing public health concern that holds numerous challenges for rehabilitation professional. Older drivers as a group are relatively safe, although they have a heightened risk per kilometer driven, drive conservatively, travel fewer kilometers overall and regulate their driving behavior to compensate for changing functional abilities.

Improved road environments will facilitate or reduce older drivers’ need to make complex decisions and perform time-related tasks and will give them advance notice. Also make roadways and advisory systems standard and consistent across different jurisdictions and keep abreast of technology, which plays an important role in improving the intrinsic safety of the road system. More important provide user-friendly and convenient public transport, featuring low-floor buses and trams to facilitate curbside access to these vehicles.

This study focused on the severity of injuries and fatalities incurred by elderly colliding with motor vehicles. The paper includes a review of the literature and a description of new research carried out on correlates of injury severity and measures of their relative effects on fatal or high injury collisions. The study focused on rural roads in Khorasan Razavi province. Data came from police records and forensic medicine processed from 2010 to 2015. Analysis of reported accidents during recent years showed that however the total number of traffic accidents sharply decreased but still there are a lot of problems with elderly pedestrians that could be a result of insufficient actions.

However, increase or decrease in number of fatalities or accidents could be interpreted in different ways by we need strong evidences using scientific methods to analyze the results and follow the best practices.

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