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PW 1916 The expands master bilingual guide on religious paths
  1. Ariff Jae-Oah
  1. Road Safety Camp, Samkki School, Pattani, Thailand


Pattani Province The helmet wearing rate is low. Influencing factors is not enforcing the law of the police department. This is quite contrary to the security policy that emphasized the opening of the helmet and the intensive examination of the helmet when passing the checkpoint. As a result, wearing a helmet is in a weak situation. But the need for students and people who always use motorcycles still need to protect their heads not to have any accidents, loss of life and the increase in the number of disabled people that will affect families with disabilities Objective: To increase the number of helmets wearing and to cover with the consciousness of motorcyclists. To bring Islamic Al-hadith AlQuran Bible and uses it as a way of living and culture of the area. Al-Hadith uses the identity, way of life and culture of the area together with all network partners. Extend the bilingual guide from school to all school levels continuously and sustainably. Methods: 1. Utilize the Youth Safety Club RSC in Samakki school to publish functions and principles of wearing helmets by bilingual media manuals and road safety chapters with target group and collect data then analyze, evaluate, and summarize problems. 2. Set a clear target group that includes 1208 students from Samakki School, 6 locations of Tadeeka School for 442 students, Primary schools under the jurisdiction of the Office of Pattani Provincial Primary Education Area 1 for 5 locations with total of 736 students 3. Integration with Hussein, religious leaders wearing Qutbah for the purpose of road safety and use it in reading the Qutb on Friday prayers and publicize to local people through 3 mosques for 750 people. Results: From the survey, the statistics of students wearing helmets increased from 30% to 55%, teachers, and educational personnel from 50% to 85%, parents who drop students and communities from 20% to 44%. There is a leader in network party Tadika Mosque School, Traffic Mobility/Helmet Banks/Model schools using the bilingual guide ‘Safety Helmets’. Targeted groups raise awareness of the importance of wearing helmets. Reviews and Summary/Recommendations: Doctrine along with bilingual guide Helmet Use Media It is very important to keep moving and continue to engage in order to stop the loss of lives and disabilities as well as to protect heads of motorcycle riders.

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