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PW 1889 Accident investigation team mueng sukhothai
  1. Luk Rattanataworn
  1. Traffic Inspector Sukhothai Police Station


Objective Although the Sukhothai City Police Department has strictly enforced the law and campaign in the area of traffic. In 2014, there are 11 deaths from road accidents or accounted for 11 per 1 00 000 population As a result of this problem, the Sukhothai Police Station has set up an accident investigation team, which investigates the problem and accident factors in the area responsible for the road accident and does not cause any loss again.

The goal The number of road deaths is reduced and the number of deaths is only 5 per 1 00 000.

Method 1. Gather statistics that are related to road accidents in the responsible area. 2. Take all information that has been analyzed to find out the cause of the road accident according to the accident factor as well as the location of the accident every time there is a road accident. 3. Find a road accident prevention measures to avoid duplication and gather information to find a conclusion. 4. Bring the conclusion to discuss to both communities and organizations associated to resolve the problem together.

Project results When the cause of the accident was identified by analyzing all four factors, namely, human, the car, the road, the environment, the accident investigation team solved the problem, such as the establishment of a small roundabout at the intersection with frequent accidents. Turn over unnecessary turning points to reduce traffic cutoffs together with management of stray dogs running around the motorcycle, causing frequent injuries. The demolition of the back of the car with the smugglers created the accident to the death of the people to change the direction of the new municipal roads because of frequent accidents to prevent the car accidents and more parking spots. Arrange all new parking systems so that there is no illegal parking, leading to accidents. There should be a discussion, clarification, and understanding, problem solving.

Conclusion The project accomplished the objectives of the accident statistics program as follows: In 2014, 412 road accidents, 230 injured, 11 deaths, 2015 accidents398 road injured 253 and deaths 8. In 2016, 327 road accidents, injured 223, deaths 5 This indicated that road accidents continue to decline. The death toll from the accident was more than halved and no deaths occurred in the same spot because there are solutions to the problem. Accompanying the problem from all sectors, it can prevent road accidents that can cause loss of life and property, resulting in a decrease in the incidence of road accidents and the number of deaths to only 5 per 1 00 000 population according to the purpose of the project.

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